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Human Resource and Payroll Outsourcing

The first things comes in mind for Human Resource outsourcing and Payroll Service is

Is not it more expensive to pay someone else to do my payroll tasks?

1. Cost - If you are the owner of even a very small company and you are trying to do payroll yourself, the cost of your time is even greater.

2. Expertise - The core business of Payroll service providers is to provide peace of mind to you so that you can focus more on your Core business. Let the expert do all the task including legal Compliances and you focus on your core business.

3. Better reporting and controls - Being expert they provide you different reports just to help you understand more about the productivity of your employee.

4. Accountability - It makes company easy to replace any non-non-performer or problematic employees as the onus lies on the service provider. Some times in in-house system, the emotional barrier takes more time to replace such employees.

In the last decade, HR Outsourcing has evolved to BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) - to become a reliable and predictable way to help streamline processes, reduce operating costs and focus on your core business.
With the help of our web enabled tools the employee can also check details related to PF/ESI Contribution, Leaves, Reimbursements/Deductions as well as they can lodge their grievances too.
The grievance management system has a time bound escalation system which fixes responsibility and accountability of HR team, and leads to early redressal of grievances of employees.
The customised reporting helps organisation to evaluate left outs, consistency,and performances, over any defined period. And also new joinings, future requirement planning many more required for smoothening the HR requirements and needs of the organisation.
Reduces payroll, accounting and benefits costs along with employee-related paperwork that drains your valuable time.

We help organisation in the areas of :

  • HR Analytics
  • Recruitment Process
  • Software based Payroll management to nullify human errors .
  • Employee Data Management (Workforce Management).
  • Software based leave, transfer, appraisal and Performance Management.
  • Legal Compliances.
  • Various other customised reports.
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